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  Pixlr Website
  Image Editor
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Many great built-in tools


Lots of built-in filters

5 different layer styles

Export as png or jpg

What a great online app.  My students use this app throughout the school year and we haven't had any troubles (bugs) with it.

They have 3 different online apps, the Pixlr editor (my preference), the Pixlr express (iOS and Android apps) which is a simplied editor, and Pixlr-o-matic (iOS and Android apps) which is the most simplified app.

The apps load super fast, let you log in with your Google account, and doesn't have any limitations with the free account.

HelpLets take a look at the Pixlr editor (Advanced)

When you start it up, you can choose to create a new image, open one from your computer, from a website, or from a file you stored on pixlr.

Most of the basic image editing tools are available.

When you choose a tool the options show across the top of the browser window.

There are 28 different filters available for you to use on your images.

They also have 5 different layer styles:  Drop Shadows, Inner Shadows, Bevels, Outer Glow, and Inner Glow.

Here's a tutorial that I made that demonstrates how to make a logo in pixlr.

My students also make a poster in pixlr, here's the tutorial for that project:

My students also make what I call a manimal.  They import a photo of themselves and then erase their body and draw a scene around it.

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